Cheetah Professional Services Packages

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efiCheetah EFI is the Cheetah – Engineer, Furnish and Install service that is coupled with any installation. Once a purchase order for a system is consummated, the Cheetah Project Manager will oversee the successful installation of the Cheetah system from shipment to activation.  In addition, Cheetah Field Engineers will access the system remotely and ensure that the software is installed, that the network element transponders are active and in good health, that the SMAS is communicating with the transponders through the CMTS/customer data network, and that the SMAS is completely operational. This service is part of the Cheetah Integrated Professional Services Offering or can be purchased ala carte.


3-day-trainingCheetah 3 Day Training Program – is the Cheetah remote training program through Webex that can be broken into a series of sessions that are convenient and digestible to any given customer. At the conclusion of the 3 day sessions, the customer should be able to install, operate, troubleshoot and report all system health from the CheetahXD or V-Factor systems. This service is part of the Cheetah Integrated Professional Services Offering or can be purchased ala carte. Also, this service can be scheduled to be conducted on-site for the customer.


cheetah-checkCheetah Check – is the Cheetah remote optimization program. This is a intensive 48 hour deep inspection of any Cheetah SMAS including comparison to the original installation. Examination of system registry, configuration and interface integrity. Inspection of the health of all network element transponders and probes to ensure their good health. Inspection and check of the northbound telemetry data and database integrity. Finally, a system examination over an extended time period to ensure proper system operation, and a customer report on the SMAS performance. This service is part of the Cheetah Integrated Professional Services Offering or can be purchased ala carte.


troubleshootingSystem and 3rd Party Troubleshooting – is an extension of the TAC 1,2,3 help desk service. The nature of SMAS is that Cheetah is subsuming a 3rd party network element, one or more customer data networks, and the customer work-force actions.  Because of this, often an observed alarm, error or event in a Cheetah SMAS points to an unresolved issue with a surprisingly wide range of root causes.  This troubleshooting service allows Cheetah to work with the customer to diagnose this rather than simply stopping our service when it is discovered that the problem is not internal to our SMAS. This service is part of the Cheetah Integrated Professional Services Offering or can be purchased as part of the Rent-A-Cat service offering.


rent-a-catRent-A-Cat – is an hourly rate for any Cheetah Professional Services Field Engineer.  Remote Rent-A-Cat is an hourly rate for technical support service for any TAC support, training, troubleshooting or other customer support. It allows customers to gain access to our valued Field Engineers to respond to emails, phone calls, or projects that help the customer in a wide range of quality assurance issues. On-Site Rent-A-Cat is an hourly rate for technical support at the customer premise to again include any project oriented, quality assurance issue. This service can be purchased ala carte.

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