Cheetah Partners

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Cheetah has a long historical strength in:

  • Examining complex, distributed networks
  • Understanding how they work
  • Building systems management applications for them.

At the heart of this core competency is the strong value we place on our relationships with technology partners. These partners have entrusted us with the task of testing, monitoring, alarming and protecting their optical and electronic equipment. These partners have entrusted us with vital information such as product technical specifications, product roadmaps and their own growth aspirations.

Cheetah and our Partners gain the following value in these relationships:

  • Our Partners are able to adopt a business model of equipment manufactures, without diminishing this by adding the complexity of providing a ubiquitous systems management application and professional services.
  • Cheetah is able to focus on the delivery of the best test, monitoring, alarming and reporting solutions, in an agnostic manner, to provide end users a universal systems management tool.
  • Our Partners are able to entrust Cheetah to provide TAC support, knowledge base and professional services dedicated to examining and resolving issues for the whole system.
  • Cheetah is able to focus on the end user system reliability and network assurance, that provides a value addition to our Partners network equipment.


With this said, the Cheetah partners include the following prestigious and renown organizations:


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