Cheetah Channels

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Cheetah Technologies is providing product and services through a number of outlets worldwide. Our solutions are a combination of products, software and professional services. In the CATV HFC Broadband Network, we provided QoS performance monitoring from the video office to the end of line. We also believe that the performance monitoring in CATV can be transitioned to monitoring any type of distributed network solution. For instance, energy management, agriculture, transportation, defense and other industries that share a common need to create a distributed network to test, monitor, alarm and report “system health.”

In any video delivery system, we provide QoS/QoE video fidelity monitoring and MOS scoring. These video delivery systems could be in the CATV, Telco TV, IPTV, MobileTV, direct broadcast satellite, video programming, broadcast video, defense networks, and many other market verticals. Any place that video quality matters.

With both of these focuses, Cheetah Technologies is considering the following types of channels at all times:

  1. Direct Sales through Cheetah Technologies.
  2. OEM Sales through our technology partners.
  3. Channel sales through international distributors.
  4. Channel sales through manufacture representatives and value added resellers.
  5. Channel sales through trade associations and trade cooperatives.


Channel Partners

TVC Communications

Alpha Technologies Inc.

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