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Ability to provide status monitoring of RF-based LAN/WAN enterprise networks.

As the Cable Television Industry matured, it overshadowed the very genesis of its technology foundation. RF-based broadband LAN/WAN networks were the original application of hybrid fiber coaxial networking. Today, many of these LAN/WAN networks transmit voice, video and data information within mission critical enterprise applications. Defense networks use this technology for high speed data transmission over a highly secure network. Hospitals, military bases, hospitality organizations and private communities deliver data, private cable television and voice services within a LAN environment. Audio/visual operations centers have been built using RF-based broadband LAN’s to feed 100’s of display terminals used to monitor news, stock trading, security surveillance and many other applications. Cheetah Status Monitoring presents a means to ensure the performance and quality assurance of these networks.

Key Customer Solutions:

  • Cheetah Network Tracker and Network Tracker Plus represent the most cost effective way to monitor and provide a complete system analysis at mission critical points in a network.
  • Cheetah Network Tracker and Network Tracker Plus provide a “hardened” Power over Ethernet port for applications such as video surveillance, call boxes, or switched data access points.
  • Cheetah XD systems management platform provides a carrier class solution for monitoring 1,000’s of transponders, Network Trackers and other devices; while taking advantage of 20 years of experience in GUI presentation level design of test, alarm and reporting.
  • Cheetah Professional Services, enabled by our systems management solutions, can provide countless ways to assist our customers in improving both the depth and scope of technical operations. Cheetah has built tremendous competency in this area, as we have been entrusted with managing network health over 10’s of years.