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Leader in the delivery of status monitoring and distributed network management solutions for contemporary cable television HFC broadband networks.

Cheetah Technology provides the CATV Industry a solution for network management and control. For over 20 years, CheetahXD systems management platform and CheetahLynx Network Tracker application solution have provided real time and historical analysis of the network performance, health and outages enabling cable television operators the ability to vastly improve their quality assurance programs, their workforce automation and cost control programs. With Network Tracker, Cheetah is positioned to monitor any mission critical point in the network. With Cheetah transponders, any optical node, power supply or critical network point can be integrated into a status monitoring solution resulting in improved network management.

Key Customer Solutions:

  • Cheetah Network Tracker and Network Tracker Plus represent the most cost effective way to monitor and provide a complete system analysis at mission critical points in a network.
  • Cheetah transponders represent the broadest and most complete group of on-board diagnostic tools for optical nodes and power supplies in the Industry.
  • Cheetah XD systems management platform provides a carrier class solution for monitoring 1,000’s of transponders, Network Trackers and other devices; while taking advantage of 20 years of experience in GUI presentation level design of test, alarm and reporting valued by our customers.
  • CheetahLynx and Network Tracker represent a cost effective way to accomplish 10’s of monitoring, work force automation and network analytics deemed useful in cost reduction, quality assurance programming and technical workforce automation.
  • Cheetah Professional Services, enabled by our systems management solutions, can provide countless ways to assist our customers in improving both the depth and scope of technical operations. Cheetah has built tremendous competency in this area, as we have been entrusted with managing network health over 10’s of years.